A Guy Broke into an Animal Shelter and Let a Bunch of Dogs Go Free

It doesn’t sound like this guy’s an animal rights person, just an idiot:  A 38-year-old named George Paul Jones broke into an animal shelter in Abilene, Texas on Friday morning.  It’s a big place with around 150 dogs.  Then once he was in, he opened up a bunch of cages to let them go FREE.  (???)

In a Disney movie, that might be okay.  But in real life, it didn’t go well and the dogs started fighting.  A few were injured.  And sadly, one dog didn’t make it.

At least nine others ran off and had to be rounded up.  It’s still not clear if they’ve found them all.

They did find George though, who also stole a van from the shelter and drove off in it.  Someone found it three miles away, with his wallet and I.D. still inside.

Cops thought he abandoned the van, but he hadn’t.  While they weren’t looking, he actually snuck back in and snagged the wallet.  But they caught up with him nearby, and he still had the van keys on him.

He’s facing charges for burglary, animal cruelty, and theft of a motor vehicle.

(Here’s his mugshot.)


(Fox 29 / MYSA / APD)