It’s Telephone Tuesday, When Businesses Get the Most Calls All Year

If you call customer service today, you might be on hold a little longer than usual:  It’s Telephone Tuesday, the day of the year businesses supposedly get the most phone calls.

There’s always a big spike after Labor Day weekend, because every where’s open again.  And it’s the unofficial start of fall, so people start planning for the holidays.

Here are a few phone-related questions to help celebrate.

1.  Excluding your own, how many phone numbers do you currently have memorized?

A new poll asked 7,000 Americans, and almost no one knows more than five or six anymore.  9% said zero, 48% said between one and three, 23% said four to six, and only 8% know more than ten.

2.  People were also asked to name the top features the perfect phone would have.  And the #1 answer was caller ID for EVERY number, even businesses and random numbers you don’t recognize.

A few more that made the top ten include an uncrackable screen, a “drunk text filter,” and a feature that locks social media if you’ve been on it too long.


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