Four Stats About America’s Bedtime Routine

Will you get in bed tonight ready to sleep, or do you have a whole pre-sleep routine where you just sort of hang out for a while?

A new poll found the average American spends 44 minutes in bed before they try to fall asleep.  The most common things we do are surf the internet, watch TV, check social media, check our email, and text people.

Here’s a little more on the average American’s bedtime routine.

1.  The top apps we use in bed are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok.  11% also spend a significant amount of time shopping on Amazon.

2.  71% of us set an alarm before bed, or have one pre-set on our phone.  One in five say there’s a 100% chance they’ll hit snooze at least once tomorrow.

3.  A third of us always wash our face before bed.  33% said every night, another 38% said at least once a week, and 29% said never.

4.  Only 63% of us always brush our teeth.  Another 24% do at least half the time.  But 3% said they brush an average of one night a week, and 10% of us NEVER brush before bed.