Six Ground Rules Parents Have for Kids Who Move Back In

A lot of younger people had to move back in with their parents during the pandemic.  And a new poll found two-thirds of them are still there. The survey found 80% of parents with kids under 35 said they’d definitely let them move back in if they needed to.  But they might have a few ground rules.

10% of parents said they wouldn’t have ANY.   But here are six rules or conditions for moving back in, and how many parents say they’d enforce them.

1.  They’d have to help with cooking and cleaning.  58% would enforce that one.

2.  Help pay for groceries and other household bills, 56%.

3.  They’d have to have a job or get one, 53%.

4.  Pay rent.  Only 27% would charge their kids rent.

5.  Have a set timeframe for when they’ll move out, 11%.

6.  Have a curfew, 10%.