Should This Mom Go Through with Her Colonoscopy Prank?

Scammers might never stop finding new ways to reach out to us.  So I feel like this joke could really land.  Especially in this arena.

On Sunday, a woman on Twitter who goes by the name “Lynzy Lab” posted about a prank her dad suggested for her mom’s routine Colonoscopy this week.  And the mom actually agreed to maybe do it.

Her colonoscopy is today.  And the dad joked that she should leave a funny note in the crack of her butt for the doctor to find.

The note he wants to write would say, “I’ve been trying to reach you, regarding your car’s extended warranty.”

They revised the idea a day later, and said that for “logistical reasons,” they’ll use a marker to write directly ON her butt instead of using paper.

The mom agreed to do it if the daughter’s tweet got at least 10,000 likes by today, which she probably didn’t think would happen.  But by this morning, it was a little over 9,100.  (Last we checked, it was down to the wire.)