A Woman Is Spending $4,000 to Go to Hawaii to Scatter the Ashes of Her Hamster

It’s always upsetting to lose a pet, and some people choose to honor the pet with a proper burial, you know, within reason.

A woman in the U.K. named Lisa Murray-Lang is dropping $4,000 on a trip to Hawaii to scatter the ashes of her pet hamster, Spud.  (???)  Spud had no real connection to Hawaii, he’d never left his home, actually.

But during the Covid lockdowns, Lisa built little “sets” for Spud to explore that resembled different places around the world.  And one of them was Hawaii.

Lisa says, “The Hawaii set was always Spud’s favorite, he loved the sand, it’s the perfect send-off, he’ll finally get to come along on a real holiday.”

As for the ceremony, she’s going to take his ashes down to the beach, play Beyoncé’s  song “I Was Here,”  scatter his ashes, and leave a message in the sand saying “Spud visited.”

(There are old photos of Spud in “Hawaii,” here.)


(The Mirror)