Have You Ever Secretly Read Someone’s Diary?

Following someone on social media might give you the feeling that you’re reading their private journal, because they’re putting stuff out there that probably shouldn’t be broadcast to everyone.

But that isn’t enough for some people, who are real snoops.  A poll asked people if they’ve ever read someone else’s personal diary or journal without their permission, and 15% of people said YES.

Another 4% said they’d “prefer not to say,” which means they have.  (Why wouldn’t you want to answer if you’re innocent . . .?)

73% of people insisted they have NOT, and 8% of people “aren’t sure.”

People between the ages of 30 and 44 were most likely to admit that they’ve snuck a peek into a diary or journal.  People 65 and older are least likely, a whopping 90% of them insist that they’ve never done such a thing.