More Things People “Silently Judge” Others For, Like Spitting in Public and “Pen Clickers”

Over the past month, people have been talking about the things they “secretly judge” others for doing.  A while back, we heard about some of them, including anyone who litters, people who leave the bathroom without washing their hands, and jerks who talk down to service workers.

Here are a few more highlights that people have mentioned since then:

1.  People who take their dog to the store, and leave them alone in the car.  Especially in the heat, and especially when it’s a regular shopping trip, not just running in for one or two items.

2.  People who park at the gas pump when they’re not actively pumping gas or paying inside.  Like people who just sit there, fooling around on their phone.

3.  Spitting in public.

4.  People who put their blinker on AFTER they get in the turning lane or when they’re already mid-turn.

5.  Allowing your child to run around and scream at places they shouldn’t.

6.  People who come in right before a business closes and just leisurely stroll around with their cart.

7.  Loud motorcycles.

8.  People who stand in doorways, usually deep in conversation.  When you do that, you’re keeping people on both sides of the door from moving freely.

9.  “Pen Clickers.”  People who sit there just clicking their pens open and closed as fast as they can.