People Are Talking About Their “Most Interesting” Roommates, and the Stories Range From Strange to Horrifying

If you’ve spent any time living with roommates, you probably have a few stories to tell.  Someone recently asked the internet for people’s “most interesting roommate stories,” and here are some of the best responses:

1.  One guy had a male roommate who “rarely did laundry,” and would “borrow” his underwear, usually for dates.  He would tell him that was NOT cool, but the guy kept doing it anyway.

2.  One person said they taught their female roommate how to boil water.  They said she hadn’t made anything before, outside of sandwiches and salads.

3.  One person had a roommate who would sleepwalk “almost every night.”  It wasn’t just walking either, she’d clean the fridge, or put snacks away.  She’d also  “Shakespeare,” which could either be funny or really creepy.

4.  One person lived with a couple of strippers, and when some Jehovah’s Witnesses showed up one time, one of them invited them in for coffee, while they were totally naked.  The missionaries booked it, and never came back.

5.  One person had a roommate who was obsessed with “CSI”.  She had a “CSI” pillow, sheets, and blankets.  She refused to turn on any lights, and kept all blinds shut.  She was also paranoid of having her identity stolen by “them.”

6.  Someone’s roommate would make “chicken stew,” which consisted of unseasoned chicken boiled in an entire bottle of red wine vinaigrette dressing and nothing else.  The whole place smelled like vinegar for weeks.

7.  One person had a roommate who would freak out anytime someone used the microwave.  To the point where he actually stole it from the kitchen.

8.  Someone had a roommate who was so cheap that when they moved out, they took about half of the lightbulbs.

9.  Someone had a roommate who stole their bread, and when questioned about it, she suggested it might be a ghost.  She even drew it out, and said that she felt like some of her stuff was missing too.