40 Things You Should Do by the Time You’re 40

Someone polled 2,000 people and asked them to name things you should accomplish, or at least strive for, by the time you hit 40.  We broke the best ones down into five categories.

1.  Relationship stuff:  Fall in love was the #1 answer overall.  But also, have a one-night stand, have your heart broken, get married, and have a kid.

2.  Career stuff:  Earn a degree, reach management level, get fired, start a business, land your dream job, volunteer, and save for retirement.

3.  Travelling:  Visit other continents, go on a cruise, go whale watching, see a Broadway show, see some of the Seven Wonders of the World, and fly first class at least once.

4.  Living arrangements:  Have an apartment in the middle of a city, live outside a city, buy a house, and have a mortgage.

5.  Random life events:  Own a pet, have a really bad hangover, win at least 10 bucks on a lottery ticket, try to be vegetarian, attend a black-tie event, go skinny dipping, and fight someone.