First “Quiet Quitting,” and “Quiet Firing,” and Now There’s “Overemployed”

Over the past month or so, the terms “quiet quitting” and “quiet firing” have gone viral.  They’re basically just passive aggressive ways to not do as much work, or to make an employee miserable until they leave.

Now there’s a new concept that may start trending:  Quietly working two jobs.  The snappier name for it is “Overemployed.”

It’s when you’ve got TWO remote gigs going on, and neither employer knows about the other.  And on top of that, you’re able to manage doing both of them simultaneously, within one work day.

There’s even a website called which HELPS people do it, as well as a thread on Reddit.

The benefit is two full-time paychecks.  The drawback is that unless you’re really lucky, you’re probably looking at a 12- to 14-hour work day, at least to start, until you figure out how to juggle the work.  The ruse can also be hard to maintain, and people are sharing stories about how they were caught.