A Guy Made $100,000 Suing Telemarketers and Opened a Bar Called “The Wrong Number”

You might actually WANT spammers to call you after this:  A guy named Omar Khouri runs a small I.T. company in North Carolina, but had a lot of free time on his hands early in the pandemic.  So he decided to start answering all the telemarketer calls he got, so he could threaten to SUE them.

Like a lot of us, he’s on the Do Not Call list.  So they’re technically not allowed to call him.  But most people don’t jump through the hoops to actually do anything about it.

He says he wouldn’t suggest other people try it, because it was basically a full-time job.  But he ended up getting settlements from 20 to 30 different companies, for a grand total of around 100 GRAND.  (A guy in Texas recently did the same thing and made $75,000 in a year.)

Now he’s figured out what he wants to do with all that money.  He just bought a bar in downtown Winston-Salem, and he’s calling it “The Wrong Number.”

He’s doing a soft open next month, and he’s really staying on theme with it.  A lot of the spam calls he got came from debt companies.  So the drink menu will include one called “Debt Relief,” and another called “Car Warranty.”