A DoorDash Driver Delivered Junk Food and Left a Passive-Aggressive Note in the Bag

Hey, delivery drivers.  Don’t judge me if I’m jonesing for some Funyuns and a Mountain Dew Code Red.  You have no idea what my day was like.  Some woman went on TikTok to complain after her DoorDash driver delivered some junk food and left a passive-aggressive note in the bag with it.

Her girlfriend ordered a bag of Cheetos, some taquitos, and a Dr. Pepper from a convenience store.  And the note said, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

In the video, she explains that her girlfriend DID recently see a doctor who told her to gain weight.  And she’s got digestive issues, so Cheetos and taquitos were the only thing she could stomach that night.

On top of that, she CAN’T eat apples.  So the note was 100% not helpful or appreciated.  She called it inappropriate and blatantly “fatphobic.”

DoorDash says the whole thing might have been a mix-up.  They sometimes have drivers put fun notes in people’s bags, and they think this one was intended for a different order, presumably one with apples in it.  They’re still looking into it though.

(Check out the uncensored video here, which is loaded with F-bombs.)


(NY Post)