Good News: Amazon Drivers, Loyal Dogs, and a $3 Billion Donation

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds.

1.  An Amazon driver on Long Island, New York saved seven people from a house fire last weekend.  He was finishing his route when he saw flames.  So he ran through the front door and found them all inside with no idea there was a fire.

They didn’t speak good English, so they were confused at first.  But he got them to leave out a back door.  So everyone’s okay, including a woman and her baby.

2.  An 84-year-old woman in Houston wandered off and was missing for two days this week, but she’s okay.  It turned out that her dog, Maximus, who she’d only adopted a week earlier, stayed by her side the entire time.

3.  A guy in Maryland recently saw the same address number, 2103, pop up on two different shows he was watching, one right after the other.  So he decided to use the numbers on a lottery ticket and won $50,000.

4.  The founder of the clothing chain Patagonia just donated his ENTIRE COMPANY to charity this week to help fight climate change.  It’s worth around $3 billion.  His wife and two adult kids were also in on the decision.