The Best and Worst Free Promotional Products You Can Get

What’s the best type of SWAG companies can give out?  Like, would you rather get a free water bottle, or a free hat?  A new poll by the site Vista Print looked at the top promotional products Americans enjoy getting, and T-shirts ranked first.

The top ten are:  T-shirts, pens, coffee mugs, water bottles, branded headphones, tote bags, sunglasses, hoodies, calendars, and umbrellas.  Hats, phone cases, and blankets ranked high too.

They also looked at some promotional products we don’t particularly want.  A few that ranked near the bottom include:  Beanie hats, picture frames, tape measures, drink koozies, bookmarks, sweat bands, stress balls, coasters, bumper stickers, and socks.

51% of Americans said they’re currently using at least one promotional product that they got for free.