A Restaurant Is Suing After Someone Took Back a $3,000 Tip

If you’re gonna leave someone a massive tip, please commit to the idea before you do it:  There was a great story this summer about a waitress in Scranton, Pennsylvania who got a $3,000 tip on a $13 bill.  But things just got complicated, because the guy who left her the money took it back.

The waitress’s name is Mariana Lambert, and it happened in June.  She was blown away and said she’d use the money to pay some bills and take her family on a vacation.  (Here’s a photo.)

But shortly after that, the guy who left it, a man named Eric Smith, disputed the charge with his bank.  He’d told her the tip was part of something called “Tips for Jesus”.  It’s not clear if that was true or not.  But for whatever reason, he didn’t want to pay anymore.

The good news is Mariana did get paid.  The restaurant gave her the money, but now they’re out three grand.  So they’re suing Eric to get it.  (It’s a place called Alfredo’s Pizza Café.  They were mentioned on “The Office” once.)

They say they were communicating with him through Facebook for a while, but now he won’t respond.  He challenged them to sue if they want their money, so that’s what they’re doing.