Will Oktoberfest Escalate a Potential Beer Shortage?

Oktoberfest finally returned this past weekend after a two-year hiatus, and a lot of beer will be downed.  But will the world be able to keep up with the demand?

There’s been talk about a beer shortage ever since the pandemic set in, due to supply chain issues involving carbon dioxide.  (That’s for well-carbonated beers, so not the stuff your nephew makes in the garage.)

That never really panned out on a major level, but people are sounding the alarm again.  Now, there’s also a CO2 production shortage that’s been caused by natural contamination at the Jackson Dome, a Mississippi reservoir.

The concerns could include:  Small, independent brewers securing the carbon dioxide they need, and beer prices rising across the board.

That said, it’s worth pointing out that at this point, beer prices haven’t been significantly impacted by inflation and supply chain issues.  But things could change, of course.