A Woman Called 911 Because She Doesn’t Understand How Pork Works

Since 1987, we’ve been hearing how pork is “the other white meat.”  But fun fact:  It’s technically red meat.  It just tends to lighten up when you cook it.  Something this lady definitely didn’t know.

A woman in Raleigh, North Carolina called 911 the other day, because she ordered food from a barbecue joint, and her pork had a slight pink tinge to it.

The place is called Clyde Cooper’s.  They’ve won a bunch of awards and have been around since 1938.  So they know what they’re doing.

She’d complained and claimed her pork was undercooked.  But the owner said it was perfect, and that’s what pork looks like after it’s smoked.  She didn’t believe them, left the store, called 911, and turned it into a big thing.

She claims she called because they wouldn’t give her a refund, or exchange it for chicken instead.  But they say that’s nonsense.  They DID offer to replace it, but she refused.  They even tossed in a free piece of chicken.

Cops showed up and told her there was nothing they could do, but she could SUE them if she wanted to.  She ended up leaving a one-star review on Google, but deleted it later.  She says she’s still considering a lawsuit though.