Elon Musk Is Putting Off that $8 Fee for Twitter Verification, At Least for Now

Elon Musk is putting his plan to charge $8 a month for verified Twitter accounts on hold, at least for now.

Apparently, he was worried that it could cause the spread of misinformation, potentially influencing voters ahead of the midterms.

Of course, once the elections are over tonight, allowing just anyone to buy a blue checkmark can STILL lead to imposter accounts and the spread of misinformation.

But that seems to be okay with Elon, because you’ll be able to buy a verified account starting TOMORROW.

Elon’s takeover of Twitter is causing people to bail, and Whoopi Goldberg announced yesterday that she’s joining them.   “This place is a mess.  If it settles down enough and I feel more comfortable maybe I’ll come back.”