Staff at “Karen’s Diner” Aren’t Happy and Asked to Speak with Management

Who could have ever predicted this idea might backfire?  Last October, a place called Karen’s Diner opened in Australia as a riff on the whole ‘Angry Karen’ thing.  Now there are 16 locations, including one in St. Louis.

Their motto is “Great Burgers and Very Rude Service.”  Basically, they’re overly rude to customers.  And you can complain all you want, they don’t care.

But now they’re back in the news, because employees at a location in Melbourne are so unhappy, they asked to speak with management about it.

Six current and former employees filed a complaint claiming it’s an unsafe work environment.  They say customers constantly threaten and harass the servers, and even get violent.  But when they told management, no one did anything.

Ironically, they say getting bad reviews is a constant concern.  Management won’t tolerate them and just wants to protect the brand.  They also claim they had to sign a waiver saying the diner wasn’t responsible if they were injured in any way.

The company is denying all of it, and claims they’ve only dealt with truly awful customers a handful of times.


(Australian Broadcasting Corporation)