A “National Baby Formula Theft Ring” Was Busted in Utah

For most of the past six months, baby formula has been very difficult to find in most of the country, but apparently, some people have been able to track it down.  Three Romanian women were recently arrested in northern Utah, in connection with what police say is a “nationwide baby formula theft ring.”

They stole baby formula from Target locations in multiple states, and in one case, an employee caught them filling a “large plastic tote” with “over $2,000 worth of baby formula.”   Overall, they’ve stolen more than $23,000 worth of formula.  It’s unclear if that’s just these women, or the whole crime ring.

The women have been charged with felony retail theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, because they had a 15-year-old girl with them.

It’s unclear what they were doing with the formula, whether they were capitalizing on the shortage by selling it themselves, or if this was a bigger operation, in the U.S. or internationally.

It’s also unclear how they were able to find so much, since most stores have been in very short supply, and most of the available products are being kept at the front counter or in locked cabinets.

(Stealing and re-selling baby formula has been a thing BEFORE the shortage, so there’s apparently a black market for this stuff even when it’s more readily available.)