Tom Cruise Would Be Impressed If You Caught This “Top Gun: Maverick” Easter Egg

There’s an intentional Easter egg in “Top Gun: Maverick”, and if you caught it, Tom Cruise would be quite impressed.  A guy’s yell from the volleyball scene in the first “Top Gun” was sampled and used in the football scene in the new movie.

A fan on Twitter pointed it out and even posted side-by-side audio clips as proof.

(You can see the Tweet here, and listen to the audio comparisons.)

Eddie Hamilton, an editor on “Top Gun: Maverick”, noticed the Tweet and said, “I am stoked you noticed this.  Very deliberate little nod.  No one else has spotted this as far as I’m aware.  Enjoy your time in the smug zone.”

Then a co-writer commented, “Tom [Cruise] and I were most impressed when Eddie showed us this over breakfast this morning.  Keep on smugging.”