Korn Have Released a Hot Sauce and They’ve Called it…Here To Slay

Thought Jonathan Davis’ Freak On A Leash pet store was gonna be the only fun Korn-related merchandise you heard about this year? Think again, because Bakersfield’s finest nu metal legends have teamed up with Heatonist to create their very own hot sauce. The name of this spicy new product? Here To Slay, obviously.

According to a statement released by Heatonist – the company behind the legendary sauces featured on popular YouTube interview show Hot Ones – the opportunity to work with Korn on such an endeavour was one they couldn’t pass up.

“When the team from Korn reached out to us about creating a hot sauce, we may have freaked out,” they state. “You know members Jonathan Davis, James Shaffer, Brian Welch and Ray Luzier as rock legends, but did you know they also have excellent taste buds? We partnered the band to create a hot sauce based on their Bakersfield, California roots.

Here to Slay honors the abundance of produce grown in the Central Valley with the charred-sweet flavor of roasted corn and vibrant jalapeño and serrano peppers. Smoky chipotles in adobo and cumin add earthy notes that echo the vistas and canyons outside the city. Crafted by our friends at Heartbeat Hot Sauce, this sauce is a must-have for tacos, grilled shrimp, burgers, burritos and more.”

So there you go. According to Heatonist’s website, the Here To Slay sauce ranks as only a 2.5/10 on their heat scale, so whether you’re a seasoned hot sauce lover or a newcomer, it shouldn’t be too much for you to handle.

You can order the sauce now via Heatonist.

(Louder Sound)