The Ten Foods We’d Never Cut From Thanksgiving, and Ten That Could Go

Thanksgiving is more expensive this year thanks to inflation.  So if you decided to cut one food that you normally serve, which one would it be?

Someone polled 1,000 Americans, and the top answer was “additional desserts” that aren’t pie.  So pie is essential, but other desserts aren’t.

The top ten foods we’d be willing to cut are:  Extra desserts, Brussels sprouts, squash, creamed spinach, cooked carrots, yams, cauliflower, mac and cheese, corn bread and broccoli.

The poll also looked at the foods we’d NEVER cut.  And #1 is the main dish, 36% said turkey would be the last food they’d ditch.

The top ten foods we’d never cut are:  Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, bread rolls, salad, soup, biscuits, and green beans, or green bean casserole.


(Daily Capital)