36% of Marvel Fans Are Experiencing Franchise Fatigue

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is rolling hot and heavy again after taking a couple years off around the pandemic.  And while some fanatics can NEVER get enough, others are losing interest.

In a new poll, 36% of Marvel fans say they’re “fatigued” by all the content that’s coming out.  The poll was mostly directly at movies, but there’s also streaming, TV shows, games, comics, and merch.

Only 20% of DC Comics fans feel fatigued, but there may be a reason for that:  They don’t need to see EVERYTHING.  81% of Marvel fans would watch anything released in the franchise, while just 67% of DC fans would do the same.

Only 38% of Marvel fans say they’re focused on specific superheroes rather than the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, while 57% of DC fans say they mostly care about one or two superheroes rather than the full DC Universe.