TV and Movie Moments That Were So Funny, the Actors Couldn’t Keep a Straight Face

Sometimes it takes forever to film a TV or movie scene, because the actors can’t keep a straight face.  Here are some examples:

1.  “Seinfeld”:  Jerry is interrogated by a “library cop” over an unreturned book.  Jerry couldn’t stop laughing because he found the concept “so ridiculous.”

2.  “This Is 40”:  Melissa McCarthy’s character berates and threatens Leslie MannPaul Rudd, and Joanne Baron.  Leslie and Paul could not keep a straight face as Melissa hurled nasty insults at them.

3.  “Parks and Recreation”:  When Chris Pratt lists off all his medical problems at the doctor’s office.  Aubrey Plaza couldn’t keep it together, particularly when Pratt says he sometimes wipes a hundred times and there’s “still poop.”

4.  “Stranger Things”:  Hopper lies about there being something wrong with Mike’s grandma, just because he wants to get him away from Eleven.  David Harbour busted up every time he said the word “grandma”.

5.  “The Usual Suspects”:  The lineup scene.  Kevin Pollak says they had trouble getting through it, in part because Benicio del Toro farted 12 takes in a row.

6.  “Friends”:  Pivot!  Ross, Rachel and Chandler are trying to get a massive couch around the corner of a stairway, and Ross keeps yelling, “Pivot!”

7.  “Friends”:  Ross plays the bagpipes, and Phoebe tries to sing along.


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