41% of Americans Still Have Their Christmas Decorations Up?

It’s January 10th, and in a poll conducted yesterday, 41% of Americans say they still have “some” of their holiday decorations up.  And 17%, or about 1-in-6 people, still have “all” of them up.

Just a friendly reminder:  It’s been 16 days since Christmas, and 47 DAYS since Thanksgiving weekend, when a lot of people start hanging their lights.

If you’re wondering, the people most likely to still have their decorations up are:  Those who live in the Northeast, who are male, who vote Democrat, and who are Millennials.  But there are offenders in ALL demographics.

The poll also asked people for the “latest month” it’s acceptable to have your Christmas decorations up, and 50% said January.  So I guess there are still three more weekends to make that deadline.

8% said it’s okay to keep them up into February, which is ridiculous.  10% said you should get them down BEFORE January, and 11% are Christmas crazies who say that it’s “always acceptable” to have holiday decorations up.