Five Random Facts for Wednesday

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  Bob Dylan wrote 17 known drafts of his 1983 song Jokerman before deciding on the final version.

2.  Kenny Rogers started his professional music career playing upright bass in a jazz trio in the 1960s.

3.  The color fuchsia is named after a German botanist from the 1500s named Leonhart Fuchs.  (Pronounced Fyooks, like “dukes”.)  He discovered a flower that was a pink-magenta color and called it a fuchsia, so that became the name of the color as well.

4.  Mirrors are actually light green.  They’re created using a type of green glass with a silver backing, but you can’t see the green, because you’re just seeing a reflection.

5.  The original “Blade Runner” movie was set in 2019.


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