The Monty Python “Silly Walk” Burns as Many Calories as Jogging

Here’s a fun study that got lost in the holiday shuffle:  Did you hear the “silly walk” from “Monty Python” might be a good way to WORK OUT?

Researchers at Arizona State released the study late last month.  They say the famous high-kicked silly walk John Cleese does in the sketch can actually burn a lot of calories.

They had 13 healthy adults copy the walk, and hooked them up to a gadget that measured their oxygen intake.  Then they measured the speed they were walking to help calculate how many calories they burned.

They found it required two-and-a-half times more energy than non-silly walking, and burned as many calories as jogging at five to six miles an hour.

The lead researcher says it was enough to count as “vigorous exercise.”  That means 11 minutes of silly walking a day would put you over the 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week doctors recommend.

Your walk really has to be silly though.  The less-silly ones from the sketch didn’t do much.

(Here’s the sketch.)