Do These Beloved Celebrities Annoy You?

BuzzFeed recently asked their readers if there’s a well-liked celebrity that they personally can’t stand. Here are some of the responses:

1.  Chris Pratt:  “Once he got into the action star roles, something was missing.  It seems like he’s got a huge ego.”

2.  Reese Witherspoon:  “I don’t know why exactly, but I just get these vibes from her that tell me she’s probably not a very nice person.  Something about her just doesn’t sit right with me.”

3.  Liam Hemsworth:  “I’d hate to be stuck in a car with him for a long trip.”

4.  Mindy Kaling:  “Every character she plays/writes seems to be an insufferable person.”

5.  Neil Patrick Harris:  “[He] strikes me as pretty holier-than-thou . . . I just get icky vibes from him.”

6.  Miles Teller:  “He got into that fight in Hawaii, refused to get the COVID vaccine, and then, surprise, got COVID and shut down the set of a movie because of it.  Also, the mustache doesn’t help either. He gives off frat bro vibes.”

7.  Chris Evans:  “I think he has an amazing PR team working on his behalf.”

8.  Ryan Reynolds:  “There’s just something about him that feels disingenuous.”

9.  Oprah:  “Completely fake and out-of-touch.”

10.  Drake:  “His lyrics sound like the kind of stuff I wrote in my diary in fifth grade, and it’s so full of red flags.  He comes across as a whiny, crybaby man-child, yet everyone still goes WILD for his music. It’s baffling to me.”


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