New Term: “Lucky Girl Syndrome” Is Always Assuming Everything Will Work Out

Is this a legitimate way to go through life, or does it just show how privileged you are?  A new term called “Lucky Girl Syndrome” has been trending.  It’s when you assume everything will work out in your favor.  And people claim it somehow causes good things to come your way.

Some influencer did a TikTok video on it last month.  Then another one by two girls eating noodles in a car went even more viral.

The general idea is that good things will happen if you tell yourself everything always works out for you, and that in some mystical way, the deck is stacked in your favor.  But the key is you have to really start believing it’s true.

Someone pointed out it’s just a re-hashing of something called the “law of assumption” that a guy came up with in the 1960s.  If you assume something’s true, it eventually manifests itself and becomes reality.  It’s also similar to the “law of attraction” made famous by “The Secret” in 2006.

Some people aren’t fans though.  They say it’s just delusional and a form of “toxic positivity.”


(Glamour / NY Post)