A Woman Has to Repay $2,000 in Wages After Tracking Software Caught Her Pretending to Work

It’s crazy companies can catch stuff like this now.  But also, don’t try this trick on a bunch of accountants.  A woman named Karlee Besse used to work at an accounting firm on Vancouver Island in Canada, and recently sued them for wrongful termination.

She claimed they still owed her $5,000 in unpaid wages.  But then the company countersued, and claimed she actually owed THEM money.  They said she was fired for “time theft” while working from home, or basically not working all the hours she said she was.

They had proof thanks to a program called “TimeCamp” that was on her work laptop.  It’s a tracking software that can tell if you’re working or not.  It can distinguish between work tasks and things like being on Facebook or watching videos.

It showed that in the span of one month last year, Karlee claimed she worked 51 more hours than she really did.

Her excuse was she printed out hard copies of documents, and was working off those instead of on her computer.  But the company also tracked her printer usage, and said that just wasn’t true.

Last Wednesday, the court sided with the company and ordered Karlee to repay over $2,000 in wages.  A judge gave her 30 days to pay up.


(NPR / CBS News)