Waffle House Says They Aren’t Making Any Hacks You Saw on TikTok

Chain restaurants are being pressured to accept custom, off-menu orders that have gone viral as “hacks” on social media.  But one Waffle House location isn’t having it.

Someone posted video of a Waffle House, which had a sign at the register that said, “Order from the menu.  We are NOT MAKING anything you saw on TikTok!”


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It was a handwritten sign, so it doesn’t sound like it’s a corporate rule, yet.  Waffle House hasn’t commented.

It’s unclear if this was spurned by anything specific, but the latest Waffle House hack involves the creation of a GIANT WAFFLE CHEESEBURGER.  (You can watch the uncensored video of that, here.  In another uncensored video, a Waffle House worker warns people that this custom order could cost you $20 to $30, depending on how they ring it up.)

TikTok users have mixed feelings.  Some admit that hacks are annoying.  They can be headaches for employees, or get them into trouble.

But some argue that viral hacks are free publicity, and rejecting hacks is turning away business.  (Assuming it isn’t one of those hacks where they’re LOSING money.)

By the way, Chipotle seems to be EMBRACING TikTok.  In recent weeks, a hack went viral where you could alter their steak quesadilla to make it into something that tastes like a Philly cheesesteak.  (Check it out, here.)


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And Chipotle liked it enough that they’re adding it to their menu.  It’ll be officially  available beginning in March.

In a statement, they said, “We’re amazed by the passion of our fans and their ability to find unique ways to enjoy our hand-crafted quesadillas with Chipotle’s real ingredients.”


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