Channing Tatum Is Planning a Remake of “Ghost”

Channing Tatum is planning a remake of Patrick Swayze’s 1990 hit, “Ghost”.  His production company, Free Association, owns the rights.

In a profile for Vanity Fair, he said he’d play Patrick’s role.  “But we’re going to do something different.  I think it needs to change a little bit.”

Channing also did a “Vanity Fair” lie detector test, where he was asked if he thinks he’s a better stripper than his “Magic Mike” costar, Joe Manganiello.  Here’s his response:

“100%.  We’re different classes of strippers.  When you look in the dictionary next to the perfect specimen of a man, probably Joe is one of the bodies that pops up.  He’s kinda weirdly flawless.  But, as far as stripping goes.  I would put myself above him, dance-wise.  Sorry, Joe.”

He also said he’d go harder than Jennifer Lopez.

You can see the lie detector clip here.  And click here for the full video.  The stripper comments start at 3:44.