Petty Revenge #1: A Man Teaches a Stranger a Lesson for Parking in His Driveway

It’s not cool when someone inconveniences you for their own convenience, and it’s especially bad when they do it on your property.

A man was driving home last Friday when he noticed that a strange car was parked in his driveway.  No one was there, there was a large house party in his neighborhood, and there was no open street parking in sight.  The driveway was only wide enough for one car, with a barrier on either side.

It was his driveway, so he parked behind the car.  A few hours later, a woman showed up at his door and asked if he could move his car so she could get out.

He refused, saying he’d been drinking at home and wouldn’t be moving his car that night.  She got mad, and called the cops.  They showed up, but they couldn’t do anything about it because it was private property.

The man told the woman it was a long weekend, and that he wouldn’t be leaving for work until Tuesday, and she could pick up her car then.