Petty Revenge #2: A Woman Teaches a Stranger a Lesson for Throwing a Tantrum at McDonald’s

No matter how rushed you think you are, your time isn’t any more valuable than anyone else’s.

A woman shared a story on Facebook, claiming that she was in a long line at a McDonald’s drive-thru, and the “young lady” behind her was HONKING because she thought she was taking too long to place her order.

So she decided she’d get revenge.  When the woman pulled up at the first window, she paid for BOTH of their orders.  When the lady behind her found out, she waved and mouthed “thank you.”

But when the woman pulled up to the second window, she showed BOTH of the receipts, and took the impatient lady’s food too, forcing her to go back through the line again.  So it’s a very salty spin on the “pay it forward” thing.

The post went viral, but the woman later admitted that it’s just a STORY that has been going around, and she didn’t actually do that.  She said she just shared it to “give people a laugh.”