Hard to Get? A Woman Gave a Guy Her Number with Two Missing Digits

Here’s a brilliant way to find out if a person is actually into you:  Some 22-year-old guy has been trying to track down his “dream girl” he met at a bar, after she only gave him PART of her phone number.

She wrote it on a napkin, along with her name, “Jackie.”  But she left out two digits on purpose.  And at the bottom, she wrote, “Trust me, I’m worth it.”  (Here’s the photo.  The 512 area code is for Austin, Texas.)


Basically, she wanted to see if he’d go through the hassle of figuring out what those two missing numbers were.  There were 100 possible combinations.

His cousin tweeted about it on Tuesday, and most people seem to think it’s a fun idea.  Some say it’s a sign she’s demanding and high-maintenance, but it didn’t actually come out of nowhere.

At the bar, they bonded over true crime shows, and he bragged he can always solve the crime before the show ends.  So the missing digits were a challenge.

Now there’s an update:  His cousin posted again yesterday after Jackie saw his post go viral and DM’d him.  The cousin told her there were still around 50 numbers to try.  Her response was, “He may not be as clever as he thinks.  Give me HIS number, I’m taking over this operation.”


(Mirror / Twitter)