Which School Clique Were You in? Top Answers: “None” and “Loners”

Did your high school have “cliques”?  Only 8% of Americans say their school didn’t have cliques.  But that doesn’t mean everybody was in one.  People were asked which ones they were a part of, and the most common answer was “I wasn’t in a clique,” with 22% of the vote, followed by “Loners,” 14%.

The most common clique overall is “jocks.”  50% said their high school had a group like that.  The ten most common are “jocks”, “popular kids”, “cheerleaders”, “nerds”, “band or choir kids”, “loners”, “stoners”, “geeks”, “snobs”, and “preppy” kids.

But as far as the ones we were IN, “jocks” only rank fourth.  The most common are “loners”, “band or choir kids”, “popular kids”, “jocks”, “nerds”, “stoners”, “rebels”, “overachievers”, “hippies”, and “artsy” kids.

Some less-common answers include “rich kids”, “hipsters”, “goths”, “emo kids”, and “farmer” kids who did things like 4-H.

Age matters too though.  People under 45 were much more likely to say their school had “emo kids,” “goths,” and “skaters.”  But “jocks,” “popular kids,” and “cheerleader” cliques aren’t as common as they used to be.