A Totally California Crime: Thieves Try to Rob a Cannabis Dispensary, But Crash Into Solar Panels

At this point, everyone knows the profile of a “Florida Man” or “Florida Woman” in the police blotter.  But this is a VERY California crime:

Three men were arrested on Tuesday after trying to rob at least two cannabis dispensaries, in Northern California’s wine country.  And during their high-speed escape, one of the thieves’ cars, a Mercedes, ran off the road and crashed into a field of Solar Panels.

It’s unclear what caused it to veer off the road, so let’s assume that during the getaway, the shotgun passenger was eating a hella bomb avocado toast, when a chunk fell out.  The driver lunged to keep it from falling on their latest screenplay, and lost control. (???)

The suspects were charged with suspicion of conspiracy, possessing burglary tools, resisting arrest, and evading police officers.  It’s unclear what they took, but a dispensary in the area that was robbed the day before says that they were robbed of $40,000 in products and cash.


(The Press Democrat)