The Next Trend in Laziness: Wearable Beanbag Chairs?

A company in Japan has created wearable beanbag chairs, and they’re ridiculous. The clearest way to explain them is that you’ll look like Grimace, the purple McDonald’s character.  They go on over your head, like a sweater, but they’re basically like wearing a “fat suit.” The idea is that whenever you’re tired, which you WILL be

A Guy’s Fish Committed Credit Card Fraud While Playing His Nintendo Switch

You’ve heard of the “infinite monkey theorem“, where, given enough time, monkeys could type the complete works of Shakespeare.  We mention it because this is kind of like the goldfish version of that. A few years ago, a YouTuber in Japan rigged up a system that allowed his pet fish to play video games.  But

Michael Myers Made a Police Department’s “Wanted” List on Friday the 13th

Cops in Savannah, Georgia posted a guy’s mugshot on Friday, hoping someone might turn him in.  It was Friday the 13th, and his name is MICHAEL MYERS. To be clear, that’s the villain in the “Halloween” movies, not “Friday the 13th”.  That’s Jason Voorhees.  People online think it’s a fun coincidence though. Also, the first “Halloween” came out just

Burglars Are Caught Because Their Truck Had a Cardboard Sign Saying “Stolen Tag”

The most important thing when committing a crime is NOT attracting attention to yourself.  And yet, some criminals just can’t help it. Two men in their 30s were arrested in Florida last Thursday for allegedly committing multiple burglaries.  They were caught because their truck didn’t have a license plate, it just had a cardboard sign

Coventry Cat Cutter Keeps Shaving Perfect Squares Onto People’s Pets

A number of cats in a city in the U.K. have been targeted by the unknown perpetrator since 2021, who shaves large perfect squares into their fur. The latest victim, six-year-old Tallulah, is the first in more than a year.  Her owner Bonnie Towe, said she noticed the bald patch when her daughter picked up

62% of Us Think Eating Dip with a Spoon Should Be Socially Acceptable

This is like something a 40-year-old bachelor would eat.  But come out of the shadows, guys, because apparently it’s acceptable now. A new poll found almost two-thirds of Americans think it’s fine to eat dip straight out of the bowl with a SPOON. 63% said it’s something they’ve done, or would do.  And 62% think

It’s the Only Day of the Year When 99% of People Are in Sunlight at Once

Here’s something crazy we never knew:  There’s one day a year where, for a brief moment, 99% of the people on Earth are technically in sunlight all at the same time.  And that day is TODAY. It happens every July 8th at 7:15 A.M. Eastern, 4:15 Pacific.  The sun doesn’t rise until close to 6:00